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Cleaning and care products for vehicles from Germany.

The production of our products since 1983 takes place exclusively in Germany. Thus, as a POLYTOP brand, we guarantee not only the highest quality standards but also the use of environmentally friendly resources. With our own research and development department, we are always on the lookout for new and innovative products and can thus meet the requirements of our customers. This is not the only reason why our products are loved by customers and partners worldwide.

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40 years of Polytop

Brilliant since 1983

POLYTOP has been investing in modern technologies and processes since 1983 in order to offer its customers the best products for vehicle cleaning and care. The company prides itself on developing customized solutions for its customers and partners that are tailored to their specific needs and responsibly produced.

Our 40-year history is one of continuous growth and innovation. We have always focused on providing the highest quality and best service to our global customers. With a strong focus on technology and innovation, we are therefore excellently positioned to remain a global industry leader in the future.

We are represented worldwide

Your contact persons on site

At POLYTOP, everything revolves around the user. The good relationship with the people who work with POLYTOP products is the most important thing for us. Incidentally, this applies not only to the German market, but also internationally. With sales partners in many countries and efficient logistics, we can respond to customer requests at any time and produce the best products. In our own online store, our customers can easily buy the desired products at any time.

But we want to offer our customers even more than just great products: On-site training and education are on our daily to-do list, as are instructions on hazardous substances or occupational safety, or settings and optimizations for automatic car washes and systems. We like to take care of our partners and customers, no matter in which country of the world.

The focus on people

Our promise

proud to care

Our promise is “proud to care”. For us, the focus is always on people. We are proud to act responsibly towards the environment and to offer high quality products that are geared towards greener vehicle care. This is not only about care in the form of products and solutions, but also about the care of partnerships and relationships. This pride is based on our identity, shaped over decades, which is down-to-earth, responsible and resilient.


Our perseverance as a team has made POLYTOP strong in the past and established it as a reliable partner. We maintain focus in our actions and stand by what we promise through ups and downs. We know who we are and where we come from and that gives us the ability to overcome challenges in the future.


Thanks to our own production and research facilities, we are able to respond agilely to the individual needs of our customers and the general conditions of the various markets, and to develop solutions tailored to these needs. Our responsibility towards the future challenges us to think in a solution-oriented and innovative way. Our claim is therefore to be flexible and to remain true to our values.


Our worldwide distribution network enables us to provide personalized customer service. In doing so, we maintain a trusting and appreciative relationship. Our communication is open and at eye level. Our team is characterized by cohesion, trust and a family atmosphere.


As a manufacturer, we are aware of our responsibility towards people and nature. Therefore, we attach importance to comprehensive occupational safety and sustainability. Out of respect for the environment, we produce in a resource-conserving and responsible manner. Our quality standards for our solutions are ensured by consciously selected raw materials and many years of expertise.

100% nature
100% Future

Research &

Innovative products for vehicle cleaning and care

Our research and development department works closely with customers and partners to develop tailor-made products relating to vehicle cleaning, vehicle care and vehicle preparation. We rely on state-of-the-art technologies and advanced research methods to continuously improve the quality and performance of our cleaning and care products as well as paint polishes and sealants.