Our responsibility to people and the environment.

Our quality and environmental policy

We are committed to our responsibility.

For us, sustainability and compliance with environmental standards are matters close to our hearts. To show our customers and partners that we take this responsibility seriously, we comply with DIN EN ISO 14001:2015, an internationally recognized standard for environmental management systems.

What constitutes our quality and environmental policy?

We communicate our quality and environmental policy openly and transparently. Once a year, as part of the management review, we check them for validity and appropriateness.


Our environmental aspects

Our environmental aspects are identified and evaluated according to a predefined point scheme. This enables us to clearly identify their relevance for the company and to derive appropriate measures from them.

Our quality and environmental goals and planning to achieve them

In our regular team and production meetings, we agree who is responsible for implementation and which deadlines must be met. Goals or projects are broken down into individual steps and reviewed at regular intervals.

Our environment in focus

Our promise

proud to care

Our promise is “proud to care”. For us, the focus is always on people and the environment. We are proud to act responsibly towards the environment and to offer high quality products that are geared towards greener vehicle care. This is not only about care in the form of products and solutions, but also about the care of partnerships and relationships. This pride is based on our identity, shaped over decades, which is down-to-earth and responsible.

Safe working at Polytop

Provided resources

Early project planning ensures that sufficient resources are available in time for product realisation.

Preventive maintenance of our machines and equipment ensures permanent, safe and environmentally friendly functional readiness. At the same time, it ensures compliance with statutory regulations in occupational safety and environmental protection.

Personal protective equipment” is available for all employees.

Safe process environment

The health of our employees is our top priority.


Management is responsible for arranging and monitoring measures for environmental and occupational safety and for compliance with environmental and occupational safety regulations. Every employee is obliged to carry it out. As support on the topic of the environment, we work together with an external consultant who has the necessary competences. External safety experts regularly monitor compliance with the legally prescribed occupational health and safety measures.

Hazardous materials

All hazardous substances are recorded and documented by our development department and quality assurance in a digital hazardous substance register. The required operating instructions for hazardous substances are created by our development department and quality assurance and made permanently accessible digitally.

Competencies & Qualifications


New employees are introduced to our quality and environmental policy by the quality and environmental officers. When new products or processes are introduced, targeted instruction is provided by supervisors. Legally required instructions (§14 GefStoffVO “Handling of Hazardous Substances”) are regularly carried out by the external safety specialists.


Manufacturer of high-quality
vehicle cleaning and care products

POLYTOP produces high-quality and innovative products for car cleaning and care under the claim of the highest quality with responsibility towards people and nature.

We develop and produce all the required products in our own production facility and can therefore offer you a professional full range of coordinated products and systems. And therefore we are proud.

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