The new product system from POLYTOP makes car cleaning and care easier for users.


The new POLYTOP product system makes car cleaning and care easier for users.

Various fields of application

Differentiation of application areas thanks to different backgrounds

We differentiate our products for car cleaning and care into basically three different areas of application. Products with dark blue label are used outdoors. Products with medium blue label can be used both indoors and outdoors. Products with light blue label can be used indoors.

Polytop Produktsystem fahrzeugpflege polituren Reinigung Aussenbereich outdoor


Dark blue labels


Indoor & Outdoor

Medium blue labels

Polytop Etiketten-Anwendungsgebiet-innen


Light blue labels


At a glance distinguish the products

We have rethought the familiar colors of our car cleaning and care products to create a useful guidance system for our users. Thus, within the three application areas (exterior, interior, interior & exterior), our products have an additional, colored distinguishing feature in the form of the “P-Cut”. Users can now work even more efficiently with our products.

Diamant series

The dynamic red stands for our diamant series, from intensive rubbing compound to fine rubbing compound.


Our One-Step products can be recognized by the blue P-Cut. One-step polishes enable paint preparation with only one polish.
One Step Farbkodierung Blau


Purple stands for hologram removal. Our Reflex Protect Anti-Hologram reliably removes holograms while providing a long-lasting seal.


Our sealings, such as. Apex Seal with high-quality high-end waxes for intensive deep gloss, are recognizable by the green triangle (P-Cut).

Velox series

The detailers and spray sealings, such as our Velox Shine, Velox Care or Velox Seal can be recognized by the orange P-Cut.
POLYTOP Etikett der Polituren-Apex-Seal-PCut
Polytop Produktsystem Fahrzeugpflege Polituren Reinigung One-Step-Rapid
Polytop Produktsystem Fahrzeugpflege Reinigung Flecken-EX

Our products

Available in POLYTOP Online Shop

At POLYTOP professional users can find all products for car cleaning and care. Polishes & sealings and interior and exterior cleaners for cars.


Structure of the new labels

Die Übersicht über das neue POLYTOP Etiketten-Design
  1. Color code of the product
  2. Safety information in up to 20 other languages on the back of the label
  3. Safety information in German and English
  4. The safety icons provide a quick look at recommended actions to be taken or potential hazards.
  5. Our quality promise “Made in Germany” stands for our research and development Inhouse in Germany
  6. Scale and indication of cut, durability or pH value
  7. Indication of usable polishing machines and suitable pads
  8. The brilliant features of our products in English and German
  9. More information about the product via the QR code

Perfectly combined

Paint Matrix and Pad Matrix

Car care should not be a challenge when it comes to the perfect finish. Therefore, we designed these matrices as simple guides for our users. They are the result of intensive research and experience and serve as useful companions to give the vehicle the shine it deserves.

They offer clear, simple combination options that produce top-notch results every time. No more guesswork and uncertainty!

Paint matrix

Whether polish, ceramic coating or sealing, we have worked out the perfect combinations for our products. In addition, the matrix provides a QR code to immediately go to the desired product or tutorial videos.

Pad Matrix

Just as with our Paint Matrix, we have worked out all the sensible combinations for the perfect end result to eliminate uncertainties when using our car preparation products.