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The most innovative care products for your vehicle

Our research and development department has an important task: to develop innovative products that offer the highest quality and are environmentally friendly at the same time.

Our R&D department works closely with customers and suppliers – nationally and internationally – to understand the needs and requirements of the industry all comprehensively and to develop car care products at the highest level. Because of this, research is constantly being carried out to develop new solutions and improve existing products.

Modern technologies are used and the latest findings from science are taken into account to create products with unique properties. The R&D department sets itself the goal of developing products that not only deliver the best results, but are also environmentally friendly and safe.

To achieve this goal, a wide range of tests are carried out to ensure the performance, quality and environmental compatibility of the products. Attention is also paid to the use of natural raw materials and the avoidance of harmful chemicals in order to keep the environmental impact as low as possible.

Our R&D department works continuously to develop new and improved products and to secure market leadership in the industry. Through its work, the department plays a key role in ensuring that the company is perceived as an innovative and forward-looking brand and can offer its customers high-quality and environmentally friendly products.


Quality and responsibility

Our vision is to create a world where car washing is environmentally friendly and efficient. Therefore, in addition to our ISO 14001, 9001 and VDA certifications, we are always working to develop innovative products that allow saving the resource of drinking water with the best efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Production in Germany

We produce at our site in Großostheim / Germany.

As a company, we attach great importance to the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, we use only the best materials and the most modern technologies to manufacture our products. We believe that our German-made products make a real difference in car care.

Highest quality

Thanks to our own production facility directly at our company headquarters in Germany, we guarantee the highest quality standards of our cleaning, care and finishing products for vehicle care and cleaning.

Environmental friendliness

We produce under the strictest environmental standards and continue to develop innovative products for carwashes and vehicle cleaning and care that set new standards for environmental friendliness within the industry.


Thanks to our own production facilities, we are not only able to produce in batches according to demand in a resource-saving manner, but we can also respond flexibly to market changes and customer requirements within the shortest possible time.

Fair production

We ensure that the manufacturing of our products takes place under fair and social working conditions and with respect for all aspects of employee health.

Highest safety standards

We not only attach great importance to the occupational safety of our customers, but also produce under the best safety standards for product, nature and people.

We are represented worldwide

Our vehicle care products are available worldwide.

All our employees are working to better support our customers in their daily work. That is why we also maintain a lively exchange with our international customers. But we want to offer more than just great products worldwide: On-site training and coaching are also on our daily to-do list internationally.
At our worldwide coaching events, we not only convince our customers and users of the outstanding quality of our products, but also reveal valuable tips on the correct application technique for all aspects of vehicle washing, care and preparation.

trainings &

We help you directly on site.

Our workshops are tailored specifically to your needs. We begin with an introduction to the different types of car care products and their uses. We will then show you how to properly apply car care products to optimize the appearance of the vehicles.