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NEOX® GLAZE is our new ceramic sealing

NEOX® GLAZE is our new ceramic sealing

7. March 2023

Under the registered brand NEOX® we have launched a new product line around a ceramic-polymer sealing.

The POLYTOP NEOX® SYSTEM is a completely newly developed concept of a ceramic-polymer coating for painted exterior surfaces on vehicles. The system impresses with optimally coordinated individual components and stands out due to its particularly simple and easy processing.

In addition to the fluid NEOX® PREP for optimal preparation of the paint surface, NEOX® GLAZE represents the core of the concept. This extremely resistant, dirt-repellent coating forms a reactive and permanent bond with the paint surface. The entire system can be used on gloss and matt paintwork with clear lacquer and on rims.

NEOX® GLAZE can be applied in several layers. However, the protective effect against oxidation, salt, acids, insects and flash rust lasts for approx. 20,000 to 30,000 km running distance with just one coat.
During this period, the vehicle owner enjoys a lasting easy-to-clean effect, an intensive water-beading effect and a visual wet-look finish.

NEOX® BOOSTER can be used as a topping or for aftercare without any previous knowledge of paintwork preparation – and is therefore also of interest to end customers. The detailer belonging to the NEOX® SYSTEM removes light soiling. Gloss, colour depth, smoothness and hydrophobicity of the lacquer surface are again significantly enhanced.

The basic components also include the application wipes NEOX® RAGS and the application pad NEOX® APPLICATOR. These are of course also included in the comprehensive NEOX® STARTER SET, the contents of which are sufficient for coating 1 to 2 cars or vehicles.

As a supplier for commercial users, POLYTOP supports its customers with point-of-sale material such as advertising banners, posters, mirror tags and flyers for promotion to end customers.

Those who would now like to learn more about the POLYTOP NEOX® SYSTEM can be trained by the POLYTOP area sales managers in a workshop and receive a certificate for this.

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