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Polishes and seals in a new design

Polishes and seals in a new design

21. June 2023

The new design of our polishes and seals for paint preparation

We are pleased to introduce the new label design of our vehicle polishes and vehicle seals.

The new design, including the intuitive colour coding system, not only makes our products shine in new brilliance, but also makes it easier for you to select them for your work.

The integration of 20 different languages ensures maximum international usability!

The overview of the new POLYTOP label design
  1. Colour code of the product
  2. Safety information in up to 20 other languages on the back of the label
  3. Safety information in German and English
  4. The safety icons provide a quick overview of recommendations for action or possible dangers that need to be observed.
  5. Our quality promise “Made in Germany” stands for our research and development Inhouse in Germany
  6. Scale and indication of cut, durability or pH value
  7. Indication of usable polishing machines and matching pads for more information on the recommended combinations of polishing machines, pads and polishes, please refer to our finish matrix and pad matrix.
  8. The brilliant features of our products in German and English
  9. More information about the product via the QR code

Get our modern products today

Get our polishes in the brand new design now and be one of the first users of our top sellers.

Simple colour coding system for easy usability

Thanks to our new colour coding system, you will be able to distinguish our products even more easily in the future. With the help of our coloured triangles (P-Cuts), you can intuitively reach for the desired product within our paint preparation products. Long searches for the right product are a thing of the past.

Finish matrix

The users of our products are our focus. We attach great importance to making working with our products as simple and effective as possible. We are pleased to provide a new tool, the finish matrix, which shows our vehicle polishes and vehicle seals and their properties. In the finish matrix, you will find an assignment of the pads and polishing machines that match the respective polish.

The POLYTOP finish matrix shows polishes and sealants and their associated pads for vehicle preparation.
The POLYTOP finish matrix shows polishes and sealants and their associated pads for vehicle preparation.

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