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BLUE LINE® revolutionizes car washing

BLUE LINE® revolutionizes car washing

2. May 2024

BLUE LINE® ensures a sustainable water cycle in vehicle and car washing. The product line is used in car washes and car washes with so-called biological waste water treatment systems, in which the cleaning and care products of the BLUE LINE® are completely and rapidly biodegraded. The purified water can then be used again for washing the car. This not only completely avoids the release of cleaning agents into the environment, but can also reduce the consumption of drinking water by up to 100 % when washing vehicles and cars.

“Currently, 100 – 200 liters of drinking water are used for a car wash. Our goal is to establish vehicle washing without the consumption of drinking water. With BLUE LINE® we are revolutionizing the car wash.”

explains Markus Obermeyer, Managing Director of POLYTOP GmbH.

The recipes and production of the BLUE LINE® series are regularly checked by the independent SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS tested. The complete recipes were used to demonstrate the rapid and complete biodegradability for each individual substance is scrutinized by SGS.

BLUE LINE® is now available from POLYTOP. The qualified specialists at POLYTOP GmbH advises interested parties directly on site and offers an individual adjustment service for the systems.

The company expects BLUE LINE to make a lasting change to car washing and help minimize the negative minimize the negative impact on the environment and the consumption of valuable drinking water. POLYTOP is ensuring the future of the car wash and car wash industry in the face of increasing global water scarcity. water scarcity.

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